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Rixe Bicycles - General Information

1957 Durex Hub from T-26 Tandem

Rixe bicycles were made in Brake-Bielefeld (West) Germany starting in 1922. Rixe made bicycles, mopeds and small motorcycles.

The bicycles were brought into the United States in 1950s and 1960s by Victoria Distributors, Lancaster, PA.  The president, Earnest Ryersbach, was of German extract and had contacts in Germany. There was an ad for Rixe Bicycles in American Bicyclist Magazine as late as January 1964.

West Coast Cycle Supply Co of Los Angeles sold some racing and tandem models imported from Victoria Distributors.

Rixe was sold in 1984 and production moved to China.

Derby Cycles (now Derby International) bought the company in 1990.

In the 50s they used “smoke paint” lugwork.

Some of the tandem front hubs were Pranafa - a German component Co. located in Solingen-Grafrath. They were drum brakes with shoes possibly used on the mopeds also.

Many of the rear coaster brake hubs were made by Durex. As of 1957 they were date stamping the rear hub. By the time Durex made the I/II version they were no longer stamping the date. This may have been around 1959.

The tandem wheels used 10 gauge spokes and nipples and may also have been moped wheels.

Rixe Racer

Ted Earnst, of Bicycle Super Mart-Manhattan Beach, CA, raced on Rixe bikes in Chicago in the 1950`s.