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Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery in a GTS    (March 2012)

My battery finally deteriorated beyond the help of a battery tender and I stumbled onto a thread on Modern Vespa about a Lithium-Iron battery in an LX. So thought Id give it a try.

Benefits -
- Approx 6 lbs lighter
- Lower maintenance (no fluids)
- Doesn't discharge as fast (if you ride 2 hrs/mth no need for a charger)
- Green

- Costs more
- Not the exact same profile as the OE battery

I read the discussions Shorai Lithium 12 Volt Battery and New Performance Mod

Thought what the heck. I ride a little every month even in winter, I hate hooking up the charger, I like lower weight and I'm a hippy. Perfect fit.

Except that it wasn't

I got the battery. First tip - Check the Shorai site for fit.

Side by Side shot of the new Shorai Lithium battery and the OEM Vespa battery.

The battery listed for my 2007 had the terminals reversed. My bike may be unusual. It may be a short production thing. Maybe Piaggio got a load of different batteries and everyone else's is wired the way the Shorai configurator expects. Who knows? Second tip double check your terminal configuration.

There was no hope of my leads reaching the terminals. I looked to see if I could put in new, longer cables in but that's an ugly looking task.

So following their instructions I called Shorai. I reached someone right away and although they had to refer me to tech support who got back to me later, the process was started immediately.

They replaced the battery with one with opposite terminals and shipped out to me all at no cost. Tech support is very good.

The shipping wait gave me time figure out how to mount it which had its own challenges. The battery is longer and lower requiring me to slide it back and re-route the negative cable.

Back of the battery tray cut.
Cut the back of the tray so I could use the tray to hold the battery in place.

Foam to hold the battery in place.
Using the supplied foam I built up around the battery.

Getting a good fit with the foam.
Until I got a tight fit.

Routing the negative battery cable.
Re-routed neg cable under the original position to reach terminal.

Finished job.
Almost done.

Shorai sticker on Vespa.
I had to trim the sticker to fit too.

As for performance improvement. My scoot's peppy and has crisp throttle response. Better than the old battery BUT the old battery was dying. Is it better than a healthy OE battery? Can't say.

As for shedding 6 pounds from the center of gravity. Unfortunately I'm still getting used to the weight loss from putting on the RPG. With the two together the bike has a better, sharper flick. Again, I'm sorry to say I can't distinguish how much was battery weight loss.

So check the site for which battery, check your terminals to be sure there's nothing untoward, with any luck you won't need to modify as much to fit it in but if so...hope this helped.

Using a clamp to remove the OEM battery.
Extra Bonus. No more of this!

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