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1979 Serveta (Lambretta) LI150 - Before shots.
   (December 2010)

Serveta LI150 from the craigslist ad.
Picture from the craigslist ad.

It is a well known scooter law that you must have a second scooter by the time you turn 40. Otherwise you will lose your cool scooter mojo and instantly be turned into one of those ridiculous looking scooterist that are so often the object of ridicule.

Old Silly Guy on a Vespa.

Now I got into scooters late but I've had motorcycles in my life most of my life. At one point up to 8 (or 9 can't remember). Only two ever ran at the same time. Point is I got a pass.

It was a limited pass so when a 1979 Serveta LI150 came up. Well, I figured I better not take a pass.

Serveta LI150 close up of the front.

There's just something about vintage. Serious style. And sorry Vespa but vintage Lambrettas (with notable exceptions in the Vespa line) are better looking. You'll have folks argue about all sorts of things with them - let them. My friend, Stu, does make a good point about Vintage Vespas - single-side supported wheels on both the front and back.

The Serveta LI150 is a Spanish made Lambretta. They imported Serveta/Lambrettas to the US in the 70's and 80's. For a more complete history click here.

Serveta LI150 headset.
Serious Style.

Serveta LI150 front fender.
Burly Fender

Anyway, $1300 and I got it delivered to my door from Connecticut. Titling was bumpy.

The Pennsylvania DMV wanted an official document - either title or registration. Connecticut doesn't require a title on vehicles past a certain age. The scoot hadn't been registered in more than a decade so PennDot kicked it back the first time. I took the notorized Connecticut DMV bill of sale in and smiled. "Does this count as an official document." Fifteen minutes before closing time it sure does.

Open Magneto on Serveta.
Unfinished 12V upgrade.

Right Side of the Serveta with Side Cover off.
Yup. Gonna need some love.


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