Stick figures of Chloe, Andrew and Henderson with their camper parked in front of Blue Mountain beside the Susquehanna River. Playful Curiosity.

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Before the lift...

The carport, back porch, laundry room/addition and chimney all needed to go before the lift. The carport wasn't necessary (new garage) and has needed attention for a couple years. The chimney wasn't connected to anything anymore - a wood stove that vented into it decades before us.

To add insult to injury a terrible wind storm blew the roof off less than a week after the flood.

The back porch was weak and needed work. We'll put a window where the door was.

The laundry room was a bit of a bummer. We'll lose a closet to the washer/dryer and (way excellent heat pump) water heater. But the laundry room started off as nothing more than a well cover. The thing was sooooo poorly built and just too expensive to save. When we compared the extra cost for the lift, re-framing it properly and foundation against losing a closet, we scrapped it.

Carport no more. My brothers came in and tore off the parts that didn't make the cut.

Chimney gone.

Now I understand where all the wasps came from.

Nothing but a shadow. They were nice enough to put some siding in there - made it look better for the months until they put new siding on.

Basement had to be stripped of all wood and plumbing. Electrical wires had to be tucked up above the level of the beams.

We had a heat pump. Tank was left over from the previous owner.

It's always been about the view - even with a dumpster.