Stick figures of Chloe, Andrew and Henderson with their camper parked in front of Blue Mountain beside the Susquehanna River. Playful Curiosity.

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FLOOD - The Aftermath

Yup. Looks like about 2 feet into the first floor.

On it's way down. High water mark in inset.

High water mark in inset.

High water mark.

Wall to Wall mud.

One UN-Happy Pup. He was not impressed with the den redecorate.
Poor Old Faithful




Free Mud. You Haul. Minor contamination from heating oil, sewer plant over runs, and storm runoff.

Moving back home.

Andrew hoses the toilet.

Sorry to lose this wall finish but wet drywall has to go.

Hendy still doesn't approve.

Tearing out wet drywall. Too fun.

It took forever to dry out.

We used it this way for two months.

Bagsters = Waste. Get a dumpster.

All this and we TRIED not keep anything in the basement.

Now Hendy approves.

Hendy and his friend Ivory make the best of the mud.

And river.

My wife, myself and our 90lb dog - in this - for two months.