Stick figures of Chloe, Andrew and Henderson with their camper parked in front of Blue Mountain beside the Susquehanna River. Playful Curiosity.

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Polish -
(August 2007)

Airstream back home.
Airstream back home and ready for us to do our bit.

My beautiful wife to likes shiny things. I know most men would kill for a woman who likes chromed out muscle cars but they weren't sitting in front of a most massive looking little camper. She loved the look of the polished Airstreams we saw when we were hunting for ours and wanted to polish our Globetrotter.

And I, starry-eyed bonehead, wanted to make it shine for her - a wedding gift.

I took a cyber trip over to Vintage Trailer Supply and read their in-depth polishing guide - multiple times. I stopped by Airstream Forums to see what the group wisdom was. Vern, the original owner, even provided some tips.

Armed with loads of advice, a brand new DeWalt 850 and various grits of aluminum polish (Vintage Trailer Supply) I set out to tackle my massive, little camper.

It took a lot of experimenting and more elbow grease than I expected. I was cutting through a lot of oxidation - white coating. I started with F9. My intention was to go back over it again with F7 and then do a finish coat. In the five years since I did the first layer with F9. I've polished exactly - squat.

You get pretty goopy so I didn't take very many pictures. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get any before pictures of the aluminum LP tanks. If you've ever seen a forklift with an aluminum tank or a beer keg, that's how they started out.

First section polished
First section polished with F9.

My reflection in the aluminum
F9 makes a shine good enough I can see myself.

Brother pitching in.
After a month I needed help to finish. My brother Calvin pitched in.

Shot of Polished Airstream.
How she looked after 95% was polished. Didn't get a section of the roof.

Meanwhile, Chloe was staining the cabinets.

Chloe ready to dig in.
I'm going in.

A standard out of the can stain wasn't going to satisfy her decorative painter color needs.

She mixed and tested, mixed and tested until she came up with a color she liked. However, the application was a whole other nightmare.

She just couldn't get it to go on evenly and ended up sanding down a big section and starting over. Eventually she got the technique and stained all the cabinetry. Afterwards, she UV coated it since it would probably see a lot a sun.

A bunch of work but the results are a warm, comfortable interior that just feels good to be in.

Stove cabinets finished.
Stove side cabinets.

Bed area and overhead cabinets.
Bed area cabinets.

Bathroom wall.
Bathroom wall.

Front cabinets.
Front seating area.