Stick figures of Chloe, Andrew and Henderson with their camper parked in front of Blue Mountain beside the Susquehanna River. Playful Curiosity.

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Cabinets -
(March 2007)

Airstream at Ren's house
Airstream parked by Ren's home garage.

There was a bit of a haitus until March. Not sure why. I think Ren had other projects to finish. We moved the Airstream over to Ren's house/garage and work resumed with the cabinets.

We decided on Maple cabinets and to stain them ourselves. Chloe is a decorative painter and wanted to do a custom color.

We also decided to go with new appliances. That meant cutting some holes in the exterior and replacing big chunks so it wouldn't look like a patchwork quilt.

Ren working on the bathroom.
Ren mulling the commode. That might be my hand.

Cabinet frames installed in the bed area.
Cabinet frames for the bed and kitchen wall.

Kitchen wall and stove cabinet frames.

Cabinets above kitchen area.
Cabinets above kitchen area.

Stove cabinets
Stove cabinets.

Refrigerator cabinet.
Refrigerator cabinet

Maple floor

Maple cabinets and floors.
Maple cabinets with maple floors.

Front cabinets, seating area.
Front cabinets. Chairs will go here.

Finished stove cabinets.
Finished stove cabinet

Small bathroom
Bathroom is well - small.

Chloe going my turn.
Chloe look a little wary of the stain and paint work ahead of her.

Aluminum off to be replaced.
Replacing the aluminum where the old water heater poked through.

Aluminum replaced.
Same side with the aluminum replaced.

Damaged vent, new air conditioner
New air conditioner. Some of the vents were damaged.

Ren made cool new vent covers.

Waste pipe hidden in bumper.
Custom poop pipe storage solution.